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Hi! I'm Nicholas Christian, or better known as NicDev. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and born on May 16th, 2008. I love to make games and other things related to gamedev! I also like to document them in my Youtube channel, NicDev. Besides games, I also known for my art skills on making posters and illustrations. I'm currently making my first commercial video game called "There Can Only Be Two" or "TCOBT" in short. It is an RPG-adventure game where you play as a knight named Rady trying to become the a kingdom guard, but things won't go as plan. The game is still far from finished, but I think a free demo of the game will come this year (2023). That's all there is to know about me, thanks for reading!


Unity and C#: 90%

Adobe Photoshop: 90%

Adobe Premier Pro: 85%

DaVinci Resolve: 80%

Html and CSS: 60%

@2023 NicDev