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This is my portofolio filled with projects and Achievements I've made along the years!


Personal Projects

I have a game development YouTube channel called NicDev where I showcase the making of my games and other gamedev-related videos!

The channel has 36.1K subscribers as of 9th January 2023.

I have 5 android games in the google play store as of 9th January 2023 with 700 - 8k installs each game!

I have an upcoming Steam game called "There Can Only be Two!"

I have collabed with youtuber-game developer Kajew Developer as a 3D modeller on his android game, "Streamer Simulator Indonesia"

I have a personal website which is where you are reading this portofolio with the URL of nicdevstudio.com

I have made more than 10+ games on itch.io with the total downloads of 31.7K!

I have organized 2 game jams called "Devindo Game Jam". I hosted the first one with Livander GameDev back in 2020 with 166 people joined the jam and 36 submissions. The winner of the first jam got unity assets. The second one with Kajew Developer in 2022 with 266 people joined the jam and 53 submissions. The winner of the second jam got custom T-Shirts and unity assets!

I have experience on making designs for T-Shirts and mugs!




Infographic Result

1st Winner of Infographic Design - REGINA PACIS JAKARTA: REFEST 2022

Poster Result

2nd Winner of Poster Design - SMPK PENABUR GADING SERPONG: GSO 2021

Digital Painting Result

2nd Hope Winner of Digital Painting - SANTA THERESIA: LEADERSHIP DAY 2022

Active Class Representative 2021 - 2022 - SMPK 3 PENABUR JAKARTA

Active participant - SMAK 7 PENABUR JAKARTA: IT CAMP 2022

More Info

Udemy Course Complete - “Beginner's Guide to Multiplayer Game Development in Unity” by Noa Calice (aka Blackthornprod)

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